San Clemente Washing Machine Repair Tech with ASAP Appliance Service Suggests Easy DIY Maintenance Tips

The washing machine is one of the most practical devices in the home so the local washer repair man is providing DIY tips to keep it functioning properly

San Clemente CA – One of the most frustrating things homeowners face is poor appliance performance and breakdown. Home appliances help people multi-task to complete several jobs at once, but when they fail, all production comes to a screeching halt. When the washer quits working in the middle of a cycle the owner is forced to spend valuable time searching for a dependable washing machine repair man.

The washer repair man with ASAP Appliance Repair, updates his website often to provide appliance maintenance and troubleshooting tips for most home appliances. His simple washing machine maintenance tips apply to most makes and models of washing machines.

When the customer called looking for a washing machine repair technician, owner, Lance Riddle sent his best service man that specializes in laundry appliances. The friendly neighborhood appliance repair man showed up on time, quickly diagnosed the problem and gained another loyal customer. Most area residents recommend ASAP Appliance Service ( for their dedication to excellence in the home service industry.

When things do not seem to be working as they should, there are several things the owner can check before calling the washing machine repair man. Here are some suggestions:

Leaking water – Constant water pressure will weaken the rubber water hose and cause the connectors to rust. The washing machine repair man can replace the rubber hose with a stainless steel hose that will last much longer.

Noise and Vibration – The washer repair man will make sure the machine is level so that it doesn’t rock and slide during the spin cycle.

Poor draining – Lint can collect in the lint drain and block the flow of water. Some machines have lint filters that should be cleaned regularly.

Clean the outside – Keeping the washing machine clean on the outside is purely aesthetic, but it helps in the long run. A washing machine will quickly look old and ugly if not kept clean. Since the appliance is capable of functioning for 10 years or more, why not keep it looking good too?

There are some things the owner can do themselves to keep their washer operating smoothly, but when it comes to service, they should call a washing machine repair specialist. Washers use a combination of water and electricity which can make repairing them dangerous for the average homeowner.

ASAP Appliance Repair technicians are qualified to service most makes and models of home appliances. They are licensed and insured and they will respect the customer’s home, clean up after themselves and often provide tips to help them get more from their appliances.

ASAP Appliance Repair is a family owned business that has served the Orange County area for over 20 years. Owners Lance & Charlene Riddle began the business in1990, after celebrating 21 years in the appliance repair business. Visit to learn more.

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